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Manager's Note

Dear Customer

The holiday season is upon us and we wish everyone very happy holidays. 

The forthcoming Intergraph price changes have created substantial work.  Some increases are larger than we first perceived, some are smaller. 

For new licences we will be quoting current prices for orders up to 30th September, after which new pricing will apply.  If you need additional licences you should consider buying them before 30th September.  If in doubt, ask for a quotation to quantify the saving.   

For UMS (updates, maintenance and support), again we will be quoting current prices for orders up to 30th September.  More importantly, we are offering customers the opportunity to forward purchase up to 3 years of UMS at current pricing.  We strongly recommend that customers make use of this opportunity.

We have already started issuing individual letters to all UMS customers providing a direct statement of the price increases that your company will experience.  We should have letters issued to ALL customers by August 6th.  If you have not received your letter by August 11th then please contact us and we will check.  This is important; substantial savings can be made by pre-purchasing. 

Many thanks for your business.

Best wishes


Ian Borrington

Intergraph launches CADWorx

Long overdue, Intergraph have corrected an oversight and the first CADWorx content is now posted on the Intergraph website, including new brand Product Sheets.
In addition, a link to a sales enquiry form has also been posted. 
Product information will continue to expand as it becomes available in the new format.

CADWorx P&ID Symbols to
EN ISO 10628 standard

Fern have recently completed a set of CADWorx P&ID symbols that meet the EN ISO 10628 standard. 

If you wish to receive these files, please contact us.

CADWorx Plant 2010 Update
9 June 2010 Build

Intergraph have released build number 100609, which is available here.

AFT Mercury 7.0

The new AFT Mercury 7.0 has numerous new features, as well as improvements to existing capabilities.  For a full list of these new features, please click here

For general information on the latest version of AFT Mercury 7.0, please click here.

AFT Fathom
Non-Settling Slurry (NSL) module

The new NSL module for AFT Fathom allows you to model the unusual viscous behaviour which can occur in piping systems with both non-settling slurries and general non-Newtonian fluids, by addressing the frictional effects of these fluids on pipes, valves and fittings. 

To find out more about the NSL module, please click here.


Hints & Tips

Access 2010 – Exporting Reports to PDF

If you have upgraded to Office 2010, you may have noticed that the Generate Snap Shots macro no longer creates working snap shots of your reports. 

Microsoft have replaced .SNP createin with the ability to create .PDF (and .XPS) files of your reports directly from within Access.

To generate PDF snap shots of your reports in Access 2010, the macro to generate snap shots of your reports must be modified in all necessary databases.  The most important database to change is the default seed database, which is named P&ID.MDB and is found in the C:\CADWorx 2010\P&ID\System folder, as this affects all new project databases created.

To make this change in Access 2010, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the database in Access 2010.
  2. Open the frmSwitchBoard form in Design View.
  3. Right-click on the macro button and choose Build Event.
  4. In the GetSnapShots code, replace the ".SNP" in the sixth line from the bottom
    DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, RptName, acFormatSNP, reportPath & "\" & TableTemp & ".SNP", False
    to ".PDF"

Running the Generate Snap Shots macro now creates report snap shots in PDF format, which can be opened using Adobe Reader.

Please note: any databases saved in Access 2010 cannot be used in earlier versions of Access.

Setting up a P&ID to use P&ID VIEW in CADWorx Plant Professional

To use P&ID VIEW in CADWorx Plant, you must first have the Process Line Number field filled in for all inline components on the process line in CADWorx P&ID Professional. 

Do this by running the command COMBINEPROCESS in CADWorx P&ID, selecting the main process line, then selecting all the inline components.  The Process Line Number field for all selected inline components will be updated.

Automatically Update Inline Components in CADWorx P&ID Professional

Use the AutoSizeSpecUpdate setting in the configuration file to reflect occasional changes in the size or specification of a process line for any inline items.

With this setting turned on, components on a process line will be automatically updated when the process line is modified.

To use, change the AutoSizeSpecUpdate variable to 1 in your configuration file. 

Note that COMBINEPROCESS must previously have been run on the process line.

Please note that automatic updates are to the size and specification only.


We still have availability on our next CADWorx Plant training course, which is scheduled for 24th August 2010.

For more information on this course, please visit the Fern training page or contact us for more information.


CADWorx 2011

Routing and Self Aware Components Webinar
(July 27th 2010)

This webinar will be presented by Sonia Delgadillo of Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions and will look at the next release of the Intergraph CADWorx Plant Design Suite – CADWorx 2011. 

The new routing options will be demonstrated, along with the new self-aware component feature.  You can learn how to quickly add branches, create your pipe routes and find out how inline components and sub-assemblies can now be associated. 

To register for this webinar, please click here.


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